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(Regular Price $1,100.00)

7 Day In-Lodge Training Course

Obedience and Behavioral Problem solving programs available.

Course Includes:

  • Membership  to our exclusive "Good Canine Pack". Entitles you to receive 5% lifetime discount on: Boarding, Additional Private or Group Training and Maintenance Training during boarding. Call for details.  
  • All basic obedience commands
  • Seven days of comfortable lodging
  • Private consultation and handling class at the end of course
  • Free future phone consultations with trainer
  • Full Hydrosurge Bath, Includes: Nail Trim, Ear Clean, Brush Out
This special offer is only for the months of January-March 2014. Please call for additional details.

 Classes with Professional Canine Trainer Stephen Snyder

Training Course Sessions Price
Private Lesson
Private Package
Group Obedience
In-Home Lesson
Puppy Training

In-Board Training



Includes boarding, Training, Deluxe bath and 1-hour Private Lesson

7 days


Please call for in-lodge special

Stephen Snyder

Professional Dog Trainer


Stephen has trained hundreds of dogs in obedience over the years. He has gained the experience as a protection dog agitator and group obedience instructor. Stephen has worked with numerous breeds from the largest Great Dane's and the smallest Yorkshire Terriers. He has become an expert in canine behavior problem solving. Having the right touch with not only adult dogs, but the ability to imprint basic skills in puppies.

Puppy Training

Attend our puppy classes and learn about positive reinforcement and basic training skills to start developing a well-rounded and obedient dog. We recommend starting at 3 and a half months to instill good habits in your puppy to obtain dependability and control.

Private Lessons

Both pets and owners enjoy this one-on-one training course, with just you and the trainer. If your dog has a behavior problem or you simply want to have better control over your dog, sign-up today! This course is excellent for dog owner who are serious about obtaining quick, dependable results.

In-Lodge Training

This program lasts 7 or 15 days during which time the dog is lodged at our facility. At the end of the course, the owner attends 1 private lesson in order to learn the proper handling techniques. This course is for dogs under 18 months with no previous training. Please call for details.


Upon pre-registering for training (as availability is limited) proof of vaccines must be presented.

Fon Jon's Recent Graduates!


In Lodge Training Only

$90.00 Per Day

Private Lesson included with the purchase of 3 or more days 

Please call for details


Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

$10 Per Session

*Dog aggressive pets are not permitted. Please call for alternative options

Manuel Villanueva

Professional Dog Trainer & Training Director


Manuel's career started when he was just 18 years old (32 years of experience) and he specialized in breeding Dobermans. Manuel was one of the few trainers to study under Fon Johnson, a pioneer in the dog training world, who specialized in the training of police dogs. In fact, Mr. Fon Johnson developed many of the K-9 training programs and canine psychology models that are now used throughout the country and founded the first full-service pet boarding facility in San Diego in 1950.


Manuel's extensive involvement in Police K-9 training and the high demand for his expertise has left him with limited time for private training sessions.  For this reason, training with Manuel begins at $250 minimum per session. Please see Manuel's training website Man-K9.com for price listings.